Sense of Place

What is a place?

Which place is worth preserving?

Who decides this?

Speak the voices unheard.

The ones with dark skin who build blue skies.

A field stretches beyond the horizon.

Who decides which flower is beautiful?

Can we decide when we don’t know what’s beneath their eyes?

The world is endless so why should place hold one lens?

Listen to all voices.

Keep your mind spacious and welcoming.

The mind is endless and plentiful.

I wrote this in NR6. It is an important concept that expresses the purpose of environmental science and why we should study it. It is the emotional connection a person has with place. Everyone has different perspectives on what their sense of place is. Sense of place helps to bring a community together. It’s beautiful how humans have this ability to cultivate a sense of place. One way to reflect this is writing a phenology blog. I have enjoyed learning about my place and feeling connected to this spot. I’m going to remember this spot in Centennial forever.

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