Blog entry 11/25

Centennial is covered with snow. It’s a winter wonderland! It looks so different. I got lost and couldn’t recognize my direction on my way to my spot, with which I’m so familiar. It was weird for me that I wasn’t able to get there without getting lost. I ended up getting there by taking a different route and crossing the brook. I noticed on my way that there were new mushrooms growing on a log that used to only have Orange Jelly. There were Turkey Tails, Crowded parchment, and Luminescent Panellus. I got to identify those two new mushrooms. The Orange Jelly looked like an inflated balloon! I realized that the mushrooms I found before weren’t White Cheese Polypore but were Crimped Grill. I noticed that most of the stream wasn’t frozen and the water was running quickly. The buckthorn tangles had fallen and lost all of their leaves. The vegetation on the other side of the stream wasn’t nearly as dense as it used to be. The only trees that still had some of their leaves in my area were the oaks. Oak leaves were on top of the ice while the leaves of other trees were frozen below the ice. There weren’t as many birds flying around. I could hear kinglets and chickadees. I saw a tufted titmouse as I left the woods. I noticed a lot of Black-capped chickadees were hopping from branch to branch near the ground, foraging for the winter. I admired observing every small detail in nature in the winter and seeing the snow. A lot of people don’t love going out in nature in the winter but that’s my favorite time. It feels tranquil and I often notice the little things that make me think deep thoughts. I loved seeing the ice over the leaves. I thought up some poems that I’ll share!

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