Blog entry from 11/21

A lot more leaves have collected in the stream. I didn’t hear as many birds as before but I did hear some birds. There were Blue Jays, House sparrows, and Tufted Titmouse. I spotted and identified a new bird, the Mourning dove. It is beautiful; it has the color brown and tints of blue and purple. I was walking all around my spot taking pictures of plants to later identify. One time, as I was walking on the narrow rock on the side, I dropped my¬† phone and it plummeted into the stream. I had to act quickly and get it out. I learned a valuable lesson. If I’m working near a stream, I should be very careful and not bring my phone. I also learned that going inside my spot is not allowed in Central Park. It was blocked off to preserve the park. I felt guilty when I heard that. It made sense because it had a lot of woody plants that people could kill if they stepped on them too much. After I was told to leave, I decided to look at my spot from walking around it. I could see a lot that way. I found the bridge on the other side and walked along it. I spotted a person putting a bird feeder on the bridge post. I spotted a female northern cardinal and the pileated woodpecker I had previously seen in the higher trees. I enjoyed watching the squirrels. They are so adorable! I’m still having trouble identifying the flowers.

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