Blog entry 11/4

I’m glad it was sunny today so I could draw my event map! I noticed the bird sounds are closer to the ground. I decided to follow the sounds. I noticed there were more nests. Birds are starting to settle in to to certain trees, preparing for winter. I noticed almost all the sugar maples have lost their leaves. There were more white oaks and northern red oaks visible. The white and northern red oaks are both starting to lose their leaves. I realized that I always tend to go back to sit on this one log during my visit. It’s where I settle down and I could be the most attentive. I can hear birds from all directions from that spot. Today I went off the path and found a bird house. There were multiple Black-capped chickadees. It was so amazing to see all those birds flying in and out of the birdhouse. I was able to see a black capped chickadee near the ground picking from a snag. I saw communities of chickadees flying on Eastern hemlocks probably getting ready to settle in those trees. I’m looking forward to identifying more species that I have sighted.

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