Blog entry 10/28/18

It has been rainy. Walking in the woods I could see everything was damp. The bark, the soil, the plants. Water droplets shined on branches and pines. I was on a mission that day, find the birds. I could describe those two hours in one word, an adventure! I admired the rain and the sounds of birds. I noticed the change in Sugar maples and looked at the different soils for the different tree types. The sugar maples had started to loose its leaves. It is beautiful to see their golden leaves fall slowly. It was so cool to actually look at the different soil for different trees. I’m an experimental learner so it was amazing how I could apply my descriptions to what I saw! You can see the pictures in the new soil page I made. I took so many pictures; I was really inspired. I will post them throughout this week. I finally was able to get a video of a woodpecker! It took a lot of patience for my ears and eyes.

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