Poems for Thought

I wrote these while I was sitting on the ground by the stream
These are poems of observations I made.
Eastern Hemlock and Eastern White Pine
Luminescence red glow
Sunlight radiating
It’s furrows
You get lost in the cover of needles
Where has your color gone?
You used to always hug the trees
Where have you gone?
There are some green and brown
Where has your identity gone?
Unknown Eye Observing
Looking through the lens
I’m not used to these binoculars
Peck peck peck
Finally a bird near me I hear
Where do I look?
My eyes are ignorant
But fresh and focused
How do I look if I haven’t learned?
My naturalist scope is a child
When will I grow?
Water what are you singing?
I feel it
You’re singing something
Dancing against the rocks
And the air in my lungs
You stir my courage
To breathe
In sync with you
You want the leaves
To join you in ceremony
You pull them against
Your current
Through the patches
Of sun
Rocks carrying
Your beat
Soothing to my soul
There’s an amazing amount of matter in the stream
There is little reflection
A lot is abstract due to currents
There are so many rocks, needles, leaves, and logs.
Scattered Leaves
It’s amazing how you can look at the ground and see leaves
You won’t remember who it belonged to
It’s off on its own like an adolescent
Who is becoming an adult
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