Blog 3 -Sense of Place

I ventured to my blog spot on November 12th. I left behind my phone and didn’t have a camera, so I, unfortunately, did not get any pictures. I hadn’t read the assignment and I wanted to be fully immersed so I went without technology. My blog spot felt like a whole new place, it was entirely covered in snow. I wanted to see the effects on my site after the blizzard. It was like stepping into a whole new world, covered in white. The pretty red of the trees were completely covered only showing a couple sticks poking out. This is a very new thing to me, seeing as my sense of place is rural Tennessee. I have only seen snow a handful of times in my life and never this much. Going off to college in a completely different environment has completely changed my sense of place in the last few months. The snow is nice but still feels foreign. It doesn’t feel like I should be living here, just visiting. Seeing everything coated in a blanket like it is not a feeling I’m used to, I like being able to see the ground, it makes me feel more connected. I feel like this is the time in history when a person with my background would feel the most comfortable here in New England. The amount of resources I have to evade snow and keep warm is more than any time before. I can’t even imagine having a sense of place change this much without the consistent comfort I have. It’s wild to think of people venturing to cold climates without having access to buses, proper heating or quality coats. My sense of place is currently feeling like wherever my feet are. Knowing I can be comfortable here, back in Tennessee, in Bolivia and many other places is a comforting feeling.

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