Possible Podcasts (Possicasts)

There are podcasts out there for almost everyone, which means finding an interesting topic can be tricky. Fortunately, a character driven inquiry based podcast tends to draw people in due to the people involved. I imagine making a podcast about human behaviors that are common, yet questionable.

I’ve always found human intimate relationships to be interesting, because in essence they are impractical and inconvenient. While a monogamous, lifelong relationship is not a cultural universal, it is a cultural ideal in America. With the rise of alterations on the typical monogamous relationship, I’m certain there is a sense of controversy.

I think some possible interesting scenarios are people who choose to be single into their older ages, and how they feel around their peers. Does this decrease their quality of life? Other than that, I’ve thought a lot about why people often do things to others that they do not want to be done to them? Why do we make allowances for ourselves but not others?

Why do some couples recover from infidelity? Why do some couples separate over even a single glance at another human?

Another incomplete idea is how secularity has been affecting America. I feel as if the lack of cohesive groups cause people to make connections with others based on things other than faith. I want to know what makes a small group benign versus hateful and exclusive.

Hopefully, however, my ideas intertwine to something practical. We shall see!