Proposal: Why are underaged people in movies framed so sexually?

Remixing has always been a form of art I have dabbled in, considering I like Hip-Hop and find it entertaining to examine how songs evolve through sampling means.

Often times, I only considered remixing splicing together a new creature made for humorous material, as it is easy to highlight fallacies by hyperbolizing opposite ideologies. Watching several political remixed videos altered my views about the tone of remixing material.

There is a way to adjust the narrative in a remixed video by altering the approach — focusing less on hyperbole and more on the contrariness of cultural ideals. 

I aim to create a video that has a more serious context, since I am already familiar with the creation of humorous videos throughout years of creating content with my friends through spoofing videos or songs. The challenge of creating a serious video will inspire me to find resources that I would not normally examine, and help me examine how I consume entertainment. 

My remix video will be reviewing the hyper-sexualization of youth in movies. The preponderance of scenes of underaged characters in movies had often slipped into my sources of entertainment unbeknownst to me until allegations against several producers have come to light. I presume that many people my age may not notice how often a young character is framed to be sexual or directed to be in compromising scenarios, even when it has little to do with the point of the movies. 

It will be a challenge without the actual allegations backing up my point of view, due to the commonplace tropes that are in most movies. Repetition will be my greatest advantage, and I have collected movies about teenagers and youth aimed at teenagers and youth. The repetition will be done under a framework of a culture that simultaneously condemns women for appearing old. 

The video will have several phases that will, hopefully, create a cohesive message of Hollywood’s obsession with youth. The movies will begin with movies from older times and I hope to pair these scenes with recent scenes that parallel what has been filmed in the past, in an attempt to outline the stagnancy of cultural issues such as these.

I will include news pieces towards the end to provide a factual slant, so the persuasion is not simply implied by cherry-picking movies that support my argument.

I have read scholarly sources that portend damaging effects on women that watch movies like this, and I will include the movies that they compiled for their studies. I think that this will be helpful in keeping the video not only based on my preferences for movies, so it is not an amalgamation of movies that are popular to me. Adding in immensely popular movies that I may have not seen is essential so it can reach a wider scope of people that may adore movies that I do not tend to watch. 

With this video I do not want to accuse movies of being perverse, instead I want the viewer to ask themselves why younger characters frequently seem overtly sexual.