“Sixty-two thousand four hundred repetitions make one truth”, local man reports.

Your living room T.V could be lying to you.

In a video taken of local news providers giving a script on fake news, we are given the impression that local news is scripted by a conglomerate named Sinclair Broadcasting. Although we expect our local news reporters to be working for the communities they speak of, this video communicates the opposite.

The video starts by showing just a couple of the same lines, ones that could easily be a case of parallel thinking. As the video continues, the eerily similar lines multiply. The lines get longer, and the viewer is now convinced there must be something deeper happening. By starting with a small scope, it primes the viewer to think of a rational explanation for the what is unfolding, however, when the explanation cannot persist when there are over 20 clips of the same word-for-word sentences, we are left with no counter-arguments.

When something is portrayed with stark visual evidence, it is difficult to rationalize what is happening. If the public had to rely on their own memory when encountering this repetition, it is easy to think that what has happened is imagined, but the unison chant that is seen here is undeniable 

To enhance the message in this video, the creator should have posted some screenshots of Sinclair or explanations to what the group is and what their supposed biases are. Without that key piece of evidence, the point made only exists in the title. If another user were to take this video for their own purposes they could blame the synchronicity on mind-control or reptilian species.

In order for us to understand that our local media is propaganda, a wise choice could be to compare our news to news in countries that we believe are “controlled” and “not free”. The freedom of America is put into question if press is not free, this tension can be dramatized by explaining more of the sinister possibilities of media being controlled. 

As the comment on the video says,

“Sixty-two thousand four hundred repetitions make one truth”