New location

My new phenology location is located on Watson Rd and Rutland Rd. The area is very open and large. It is used for farming corn in the summer and spring seasons. Often times deer can be seen grazing the fields. Many birds like to hunt over this area in search of prey. In the mornings you can sometimes see a fox running across. I am not sure who owns the land but a local college has there agricultural school right across the street so maybe they own it. This area gives a good picture to what Bucks County looked like 30-40 years ago. If you were to look behind you there is a large development that was put in about 5 years ago. This area was once very rural but recently the farms have been bought by large resistance companies and developments have been put in. Obviously, there are no trees in the area because of the land use. Another animal that likes to pass by is Canadian geese. They like to take breaks and poop all over the field. Over this area is one of my favorite easy to get to spots near my house. It is such a minor thing that many people just drive by without taking notice. But for me, this place means a lot and I love spending the warm and cold minutes there.

My new phenology location is very different from my original location. The new location is located just of a road and I chose it because it is on one of my favorite roads to drive on when I am back home. This location is just an open field. I love driving past it with my windows down blasting my music with friends or when I am alone. Often when the sun is setting I pull over and watch as the sun sets. The road is not a busy one and loves just being alone with thoughts. I pull over where there are no trees, only an open corn field. Often times you will see a few deer grazing or hawks searching for mice. Sometimes there is some roadkill the vulture’s perch on the side of the road, scoring for food on the side of the road. It is very different from my spot in Burlington. In Burlington, my area is surrounded by trees. A small creek running through my hangout spot and a walking trail runs splits the road. The road is Both of my locations are lightly trafficked, but I would say my location in Burlington has less travel than my location at home.




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