Final Phenology

Although spring is still on its way, there was not that much phenological change in Centennial Woods this week. The area seemed a bit greener since the last time I went and there is definitely more ground vegetation, but the trees are not in full bloom yet and there is still no wildflowers out yet. I noticed a couple spots with some fiddleheads growing in and I noticed that the river was definitely rushing a lot more than last week after the heavy rains.

I think that nature and culture intertwine with each other in my place because my spot is an area where a lot of people and animals visit all the time. It is a place that people go to get away from the urban life in Burlington and spend some time in nature. Visiting this place really makes you feel at peace with nature and just hiking through can give you a sense of culture in this area.

Through this process of visiting and observing my place, I have become a part of my place because I now understand the inner workings of it. I know what plants and animals live here and how the forest functions. I now understand how this area grows and lives and how it changes throughout the seasons. Watching the changes of my area have made me feel that I comprehend my place and feel like I am part of it. This has caused me to believe that I have not just been coming to this place as an outsider to watch it change phonologically, but I have been observing it in a different mindset because I am a part of it.