Spring has Sprung in Centennial Woods

This was the first time I had been back to my spot since the snow had melted and it seemed like a totally new place. The grass was just getting green and the stream was rushing after the heavy rain. No wildflowers have begun to grow in this area yet, but I did notice some fiddleheads and dandelion leaves that have begun to grow on the forest floor again. There were some small shrubs such as barberry that were beginning to turn colors and bloom once again. Although most of the trees were just beginning to bud, I did notice one tree that was blooming with small red flowers. Based on the shape of the flowers, I determined this tree to be a Silver Maple.

As the season continues, I am sure that a lot more trees and wildflowers will begin to bloom, but for now there are only a select few plants that have begun to transition into their spring appearance. However, based on the appearance of the ferns and all the buds, the forest should be in full bloom soon.

Drawing of flowering tree and bud: