Human History of the Shoreline


Down near the waterfront, this landscape has been interacting with people for decades and is an important part of downtown Burlington. Based on the map from 1937 to 2017, there used to be more farmland surrounding this area and now there are more industries and the railroad is a huge part of this area. On this side of the bike path, there is a lot more of an industrial area, with the railroad coming through this area near the shoreline. Also there are a lot of warehouses and houses around here as well. There is definitely a great amount of human interaction with the natural world and human history is obvious around here as you can see signs of old Burlington and the industrial side to this beautiful area. My area has a strong connection with people and the urban area, which makes I a very unique and beautiful area.

Over the course of the months of observing this place, I feel especially connected to this area and I feel like it is a beautiful and different piece of land that connects the urban environment of Burlington to the beautiful nature of the shoreline. I feel like over the course of time, the area around it has changed with humans, but this area has remained the same. I hope to continue observing this area next semester and see it change through the spring as well.