First Visit to the Shoreline Site


The spot I chose is down on the waterfront, just off the bike trail. I found a spot just on the shoreline that has a lot of native trees and an interesting assortment of different species of trees, woody shrubs, and small plants growing out of the sand. I noticed a decent amount of birds, including sandpipers and seagulls, and saw some tracks of other animals. There were a lot of ash trees in my area along with some very prominent bigger trees with interestingly shaped leaves that I wasn’t able to identify yet. There was also a lot of poison ivy and different ferns. Also, the trees have just started turning colors as it has just started to be fall and I would love to see this area as it changes the seasons.

I really like this area because it is an combonation of a beachy area and a forest and has a lot of interesting shrubs that we didn’t study. I had never walked on the bike path towards colchester, but it turned into a very cool area and I’m very excited to start looking deeper into the types of plants and animals in this area.

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