Students unable to access My Grades, see ‘displayComment’ error

Problem: Students are unable to view the My Grades area when at least one of their grades meets all of the following criteria:

  1. Grade/attempt has been marked as “Exempt”.
  2. There is no score entered for the grade.
  3. A comment/feedback entry has been attached to the grade.

Solution: The simplest workaround for this issue is for the instructor to set a non-null value for all exempt cells (i.e. “0.00”, not “–“). Removing the exemption and/or the comments will also prevent the error from appearing.

Missing File Extension When Downloading Test/Survey Results

Problem:  Download Results in Grade Center incorrectly saves the file in different ways depending on if Chrome or IE is used. The data is correct and is comma or tab separated appropriately as selected but the file either has no extension, when it should have .csv (comma separated) or .xls (tab separated) and/or the filename is not in the correct format.

Workaround: This is a known issue that is fixed in a future release.  In the meantime, renaming the file after download to add the proper extension will let you open it in your spreadsheet program.

Downloading/Viewing attempt in Grade Center produces an error

Problem: When going into the grade center and viewing or downloading an assignment attempt, users see an error message similar to “No default constructor found.”  We’ve seen this occurring when attempting to access group attempts as well as individual submissions.  Blackboard has identified this as a bug, and we are currently working to clarify patch availability.

Solution: Please contact as soon as possible if you see this error.  In the meantime, the workaround for this issue is to click the chevron next to the Column Title and download all assignment attempts.

Resolved: Grade Center columns using a running total may display blank or incorrect values

This issue is resolved.  If you continue to experience trouble, please contact us at

As part of a recent security update, the below bug was  introduced in the grade center.

Problem:  Weighted Total columns using a running total may display blank or incorrect values.  This is reported to only happen when the calculation results in an infinitely repeating decimal.  For example: if the total points for your weighted column was 3 and the only value being included in the running total was a 1,  then the resulting “0.33333333…” value would not display correctly in the Weighted Total column.

Solution: The workaround for this is as follows.

  1. Make sure the weighting adds up to 100.
  2. Set Running Total to “No”.
  3. If you must use running totals, be sure to turn it off after all grades are in, as this will ensure the correct grades are displayed to you and the students.

This bug would only have been introduced as of 11/21/17.  A future update – to be installed 12/20/17 – will resolve this issue.

Resolved: Grade center only lists one assignment attempt

Problem: There is only one attempt listed in the grade center for an assignment with multiple submissions.

Solution:  To view all attempts in the Grade Center,

  1. Go to Control Panel > Full Grade Center
  2. In the upper right corner select filters.
  3. On the filters menu check the box next to “Show attempts that don’t contribute to user’s grade”

Partial Credit Box does not Display in all Answers in some Questions Types

Problem:  When setting a question to allow partial credit, some answers do not display a box to specify credit values.

There are currently no patches available for this bug.  While we wait for a fix from Blackboard, the only workaround in this case is to offer fewer answers (i.e. remove any questions without a partial credit box).

Cannot upload assignment feedback via Grade Center’s “Work Offline” mode

Problem: Downloading an assignment in the grade center, then entering feedback into the feedback column in Excel, then uploading the file to the Grade Center, does not result in the feedback being saved.

Solution: This is a known bug, and a fix is expected (though not garaunteed) sometime in mid-December. In the meantime, feedback can be entered via the web interface on a supported browser.

Reordering course list, grade center items in Firefox – overlapping items, items fly off screen

Problem: Attempting to reorder items while managing the course list and grade center results in overlapping items, and/or the items do not appear to go where placed.

Solution:  This is a known bug in Bb, which we are waiting on a fix for.  In the meantime, you can use the reorder button (a grey box with an up/down arrow set, above the list) to manage list order.


re-order items in grade center


reorder button

Student name not appearing in Grade Center

Problem:  Increasing the font size in some versions of Firefox causes the last name in the Grade Center to disappear from view (the student is still in the course, just not visible in the Grade Center).

Solution:  This is resolved in a future version of Blackboard.  In the meantime reducing the font size or clicking on the “Screen reader” link above the Grade Center will reveal the hidden student.

Resolved: Problems downloading assignments from the Grade Center

Instructors have reported problems downloading assignment files from the grade center. This problem will occurr if the assignment has a title with special (non-alphanumeric) characters in it.

Solution: To resolve this error, rename the assignment so that it has no characters other than letters and numbers (i.e. no #’s, &’s, etc). As always when making changes to your course, please remember to save a backup first.