Replying to course/instructor sent emails puts “no-reply” address in “To” field

Problem:  Students attempting to reply to an instructor email (sent from within a course) will be presented with “no-reply” in the “To” field of the email.

Solution:  This is a bug, which we are waiting on a fix from Blackboard for.  In the meantime, students will need to enter in the instructor’s email address manually when replying to emails.

Resolved: Emails sent from announcement tool may contain HTML tags in message body

Problem:  When creating announcements and checking the “send email” box, the resulting email message body may contain HTML tags.  This has been confirmed to occur when using “Smart Text” with the text editor off, but may happen with the visual editor as well.

Solution: There is no solution available at this time, however Bb has indicated that this is resolved in a future release.  The workaround is currently to avoid using HTML formatting where possible when creating announcements that need to be sent as emails.