Dropped/Withdrawn students listed as “Managers” in the Discussion Board

Problem: Instructors visiting the “Manage” area of their discussion board may see students who are listed as “Managers,” yet are not in the course.  This can happen when a student enrolls in a course (however briefly), and subsequently drops or withdraws.  Despite their being listed as a manager in the discussion board, they do not have any access to the course, and they are not listed as a manager if they re-add the course.  There is currently no workaround or fix available for this issue.

Discussion forums display “Access Denied” when date restriction is set

Problem: Instructors attempting to access a discussion forum are prevented from entering, and an “Access Denied” error appears.  This happens when a date restriction is set on the forum, with the goal of making it unavailable to students.

Solution: Blackboard has identified this as a bug, and we are waiting on a solution.  There is no workaround for this, other than making the forum available temporarily while working on it.

Resolved: Discussion board subscriptions not sending out emails for some users

Problem:  Some users have reported that when subscribed to a discussion board forum, they are not receiving emails as expected when someone posts a message in that forum.

Solution:  Blackboard has confirmed this as a bug, in which some users in a course have their subscriptions erroneously disabled when another user is removed (i.e. drops and/or withdraws) from a course. This is fixed in the next version of Bb, however there are no workarounds available.

Resolved: Discussion board text overlaps when viewing threads in “maximized view”

When viewing a discussion board thread with a significant number of entries, the text overlaps with the entry listing, causing the entry to be difficult or impossible to read.

This is an identified bug. A resolution has not been identified yet for a future release. To prevent this from happening in the meantime, switch out of “maximize” view when viewing threaded discussions. This can be achieved by clicking the “minimize” button to the upper right of the discussion thread: