Why I Don’t like Kin Selection

Sorry this is so long.  To paraphrase Mark Twain Blaise Pascal, I would have written less, but I didn’t have time. Up to this point I have been slogging through the details of why the phenotypic perspective is a good idea, and how it resolves a bunch of technical issues around how evolution works.   One […]

The Phenotypic Approach — A recap.

This week I want to finish up the discussion of indirect genetic effects and contextual traits by tying them back to the theme of this blog. Going way back to the early days (yes, next week this blog is one year old!), it is important to remember that the theme of this blog is that […]

Indirect effects, Individual Traits and Contextual Traits

Another pure essay post.  I was surprised that last weeks post didn’t generate any controversy.  I guess that that proves that the only people who read my posts are people who agree with me.  Sigh.  As the song goes “I’d love to change the world, but I don’t know what to do, so I’ll leave […]

A Reprise on Contextual Analysis.

My life has gotten a bit hectic these days, so as usual a bit late, and perhaps a bit short.  At this point I have gone through most of the basics that I wanted to talk about before getting into more speculative stuff, but I think that a few weeks of review and revisiting past […]