Measuring the heritability of contextual traits.

First a plug for an upcoming conference.  If you are interested in artificial life there is a conference, Alife 14, being run by, among others, a friend of mine, Hiroki Sayama.  There is one week left submit abstract, and a good time should be had by all.  .  This meeting will take place in New […]

Griffing, Associate effects, and heritability.

Last week I talked about the effects of localized mating on heritability.  If you remember we discovered the effect was small, at least for weedy species like Plantago lanceolata.  This week I would instead like to talk about the effect of interaction structure on the heritability of traits.  Much of what I will be talking […]

Local mating and heritability

Focus focus focus.  There have been lots of articles this week about how kin selection explains everything.  It is very tempting to go off on a heated rant about how it is time to move past 1964, and maybe start doing some science around social evolution.  Instead, I will maintain focus and continue to talk […]

Mating structure, Interaction structure, and Selection structure

Many years ago when I was a graduate student, Mike Wade  suggested that we need to consider two distinct types of population structure, mating structure and interaction structure.  At the time I was quite naïve and I constructed my own meaning around that idea.  I doubt he was thinking about it in the way I […]