Some Initial Thoughts on Breeding Designs

This week I don’t particularly have any papers to review, just some thoughts.  In the past few weeks I have been showing the power of contextual analysis as a means of measuring the strength of multilevel selection in natural populations.  The problem, of course, is that a selection analysis is, correctly, strictly a phenotypic analysis […]

Group selection in Monkeyflowers?

I found a good very recent article that can be used to illustrate my point that we have a lot of data sets that show multilevel selection; however, because of the data sets were collected for a different purpose, they have never been used to look for multilevel selection.  The paper is on the effects […]

Contextual Analysis and Community Ecology

OK, last, or maybe next to last essay on the use of contextual analysis.  The reason I say maybe next to last is that I strongly suspect that a lot of people have data sets that could be used for contextual analysis.  Thus, I would suggest that without collecting any more data we could greatly […]

Contextual Analysis and Sexual Selection in a Human Population

Evidence from Google analytics seems to suggest that people like examples of studies involving contextual analysis (or maybe its sex, hard to tell).  With that in mind I will spend the next two weeks on two different studies.  Next week I will discuss an example involving community ecology, however, this week I want to talk […]