Group Selection and Religion

Figuring this is the week between Christmas and New Years I can write about just about anything I want, and nobody will read it.  My original thought was to talk about cultural transmission and what happens when Christmas gets transmitted to a non-Christian society, such as Japan, but well one picture really says all that […]

A theoretical test of contextual analysis

After two weeks off – week one was the fun review of Allen et al. week two was grading – it is time back to my main agenda of wandering through the things the ideas that have made me question the genic approach. When I was first introduced to contextual analysis I was convinced that […]

No post this week

I am afraid I just got too busy grading this week.  I will be back next week. from PHD Comics.

Now I know I am “El Lobo Solitario”: I don’t even agree with Allen, Nowak, and Wilson

And now for something completely different. Up until this point I have been writing my own thoughts about my own little world.  Given that Allen, Nowak and Wilson recently published a sure to be controversial paper on inclusive fitness (Allen, Nowak and Wilson 2013 Limitations of inclusive fitness.  PNAS early edition), and given the role […]