Epistasis and the Evolution of Corn

This week I want to finish up talking about epistasis so that we can move on to multilevel selection.  As you might imagine I can talk about gene interaction all day.  After all we have not yet talked about long-term selection – epistasis figures big in that, nor have we talked about cyto-nuclear epistasis.  But, […]

Physiological and Statistical Epistasis

Last week I gave an informal seminar for our Friday lunch group, and realized that not everybody knows what I am talking about when I talk about epistasis.  I didn’t do a “what is epistasis” post originally because this was supposed to be a blog about the phenotype, and well, epistasis is genetics.  That said, […]

Metapopulation Quantitative Genetics

Last week I talked about how Fisher’s original definition of additive genetic variance failed when average effects don’t equal average excesses. Basically this happens when ever there is some form of linkage disequilibrium. This gives us the easiest framework in which to think about this situation, that is in a “metapopulation”. A metapopulation is a […]

Of Average Effects, Average Excesses and Additive Variance

Today’s post is a bit of a CYA (cover your a__) post.  I once got in a bit of a kerfuffle with Warren Ewens over my loose use of the concept of additive genetic variance.  It was a little like me bringing a knife to a gunfight.  I was hopelessly outclassed by his intellect, and […]