Sewall Wright, Speciation and Migration

Many thanks to several members of the Zufall lab for bringing me up to date on mutation accumulation experiments .  Her lab is actively involved in MA experiments (, and what was satisfying to me, quite interested in dissecting out dominance and epistatic effects of new mutants.  Hopefully we will get more data on this […]

Mutation accumulation experiments

It is important to recognize that the need to move over to a phenotypic view of evolution is not just about incorporating continuous inheritance into the transition equation.  Even restricting ourselves to particulate inheritance and nuclear genetics the phenotypic approach gives insights that are simply missed using a genic approach.  In this post I talk […]

A quick overview of genetic mutations

The third force of evolution is mutation.  There are a lot of platitudes and details about mutation that we just don’t need to care about.  One of my favorites is that (genetic) mutation is both the weakest and strongest evolutionary force.  Weakest because at least genetic mutations occur at a very low rate, and have […]

Drift of continuous traits.

Wikipedia claims that there are no formal models of blending inheritance, although I would be inclined to disagree with this, as Fisher 1930 discusses blending inheritance in enough detail to call it a formal model.  Further, one older web site defines blending inheritance as “A discredited model of inheritance suggesting that the characteristics of an […]