Drift and Epistasis: The odd effects of small population sizes

This week I want to return to specifically genetic drift (as opposed to drift in general).  First, a bit of history.  Back in 1984 there was a pair of competing articles on founder event speciation.  In that exchange Barton and Charlesworth (1984. Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics 15: 133-164) responding to Carson and Templeton […]

Of um, drift, and M&Ms

Obviously there is much more to talk about concerning selection, and also a considerable amount of excitement about it.  I got an email and a facebook comment that are worth mentioning here.   One is that Michael Morrissy, a research fellow at the University of St. Andrews Scotland sent me a manuscript on using path analysis […]

How to include group selection without really trying: Adding contextual traits to a selection analysis

Last week I introduced the multivariate breeders equation.  Before moving on I want to talk a little about the types of traits that can be included in the selection vector.  Of course it is logical enough to include morphological traits such as body size or leaf area.  Only slightly more complicated are behavioral traits, and […]

The multivariate breeder’s equation

Last week I talked about the univariate breeder’s equation.  A major extension of this was provided by Lande (1979 Evolution 33: 402-416).  In this paper Lande shows how the basic breeders equation can be expanded to include multiple traits.  Putting my tongue firmly in my cheek, the basic technique involves (1) separating heritability into its […]

The univariate Breeders equation

Sorry this is late.  I am posting it from a cafe in Montpellier (the place in France, not the Vermont state capital). I got a question on facebook asking what the breeder’s equation is.  This is a little embarrassing since I have been acting as if everybody obviously knew this equation, when in fact, only […]