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Introduction to this blog

I started studying evolution when I entered graduate school over 35 years ago.  Since that time I have found that my views on evolution are often at odds with those of other often very outspoken evolutionists.  I also find that my views tend to be in line with the work-a-day evolutionists.  In other words, the often glib evolutionists that the lay public is familiar are often telling a simplified story that has little to do with the reality of those who actually look at data and develop useful models.

Because of this I am frequently informed that I need to write a book or a review article of some such giving an enlightened view of evolution that is more in line with that of a large but under appreciated group of scientists.  I have avoided doing that out of abject fear.  Many of the popular evolutionary biologists are famous for making ad-hominem attacks, and for being quite vicious in their attacks.  As a junior scientist not at one of the major research institutions self preservation made me shy about expressing my views in public.

That, has changed as I move into the later half of my career and have no intention of moving from my current position.  My goal in this blog is to start laying out some of my ideas on how evolution works, with the eye towards perhaps turning some of these essays into a book at some point in the future.

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