Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions: Crosscutting Conversations in Education: Research, Reflections, and Practice

Crosscutting Conversations in Education is a new blog for students in the Educational Leadership and Policy Studies doctorate programs at the University of Vermont.

Aim and Scope: The aim of this blog is to provide a space for students enrolled in the EDLP doctoral programs to express their thoughts about educational issues and topics related to their existing and growing interests. This forum will also allow students to explore and share their research directions and methodological interests in a professional way to an audience of their peers and the larger academic community. For further information, see the first post.

Submission Details: Submissions should be about topics, interests, and experiences related to education, specifically those that emerge as students participate in their program of study.

Examples of types of posts:

  • Research questions: A place for writers to explain their research interests and questions that drive their personal and professional inquiry.
  • Research updates: Authors’ reports on the status of different research projects in progress.
  • Conceptual and theoretical meditations: Thoughts on conceptual or theoretical frameworks that emerge in coursework or independent research.
  • Methodology meditations: Attitudes toward and experiences with different types of research practices.
  • Fellowship reflections: Thoughts about the benefits and challenges related to fellowship work.
  • Connections to Practice: Reflections on how concepts from the program emerge or interact with the author’s professional practice.

Submissions should be original to this blog although they may be adapted from other writing by the author. Authors are encouraged to limit their posts to 350-750 words. Any citations should be in APA format.

Author Responsibilities: Authors are expected to adhere to deadlines and respond to editorial feedback in a timely manner. Individuals who wish to be authors will be asked to provide a brief bio for inclusion on the site. Authors will be encouraged to commit to writing 2-3 posts over the course of the academic year.

Editorial Policies: An editorial board consisting of students in the EDLP program will monitor and provide feedback on submissions.  These submissions will be checked for alignment with Our Common Ground and the program mission and goals. The board will provide general feedback and comments regarding writing formalities, argumentation, and overall flow. It is not the purpose of the editorial board to censor ideas or discourse. Posts represent the viewpoint and opinion of the author.

Deadlines: Deadline for posts are the last day of the every month. The editorial board will provide feedback within 14 days of submission. Posts will then be scheduled for publication.

Once finalized, posts will be scheduled for publication on a rolling basis. New posts will go live weekly.

How to Submit:

Please email Mark Olofson at if you are interested in submitting to the blog.