Getting to Know My Place

I’ve visited my place a second time and done a little poking around. Here’s what I found out:

I arrived at my place early in the morning, just after sunrise. The air was filled with the whir of insects with the occasional bird call mixed in. My spot is low, shaded, and very close to the water’s edge. Possibly for this reason, the signs of fall haven’t quite crept in to my place as they have the surrounding area. Leaves are still bright and green, and the area seems to be bustling with animal life.

My place has a grassy ground cover over soil that seems like silty river sediment at first glance. The dominant tree species is silver maple, there are a few medium sized maples that mark the center of the area I’m studying. There are also a few boxelder trees and buckthorn plants located a little farther away from the river bank. Another observation I made right away is that there are frogs everywhere! They were too quick for me to take a picture, but I’ll try and get some froggy photos in a future post.

My place is a nice spot, I recommend checking it out if you can! Here are some photos:

The sun rising over my place

A Silver Maple leaf, still green and clinging on to summer

The bank of the Winooski


Only kidding- stay tuned for more updates!

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