High Rocks in Doylestown PA

Over winter break I had many opportunities to immerse myself in different natural spots. It was so hard to choose just one place to focus on because every area is equally beautiful and unique. On Monday, I went to this park called High Rocks in a town about twenty minutes away from where I live. […]

Natural Communities

After spending a good amount of time at Centennial woods, I have been able to develop a wonderful relationship with my spot and the natural communities that lie within. A natural community is a collection of plants and animals across a landscape used to categorize similar environmental conditions. I would definitely classify my spot as […]

Winter Phenology

I chose to stay at my same spot in Centennial woods from last semester so I am able to continue to build a relationship with that area and the plants and animals that reside there. There has been quite a few changes to my spot since my last visit. I am able to see much […]

History Behind Centennial Woods

As we see today, Centennial woods is used for numerous things whether its hiking, studying, and can be utilized as a classroom sometimes. It is a wonderful forest on campus that has a wide array of plants and animals. However, it was not always used for the same purposes by humans as time moved forward. […]

Baederwood Park

While at home during break I got to spend some time relaxing and enjoying what I love about where I live. Baederwood park is a quaint area about a mile away from my house. Since I live in very developed suburbs right outside of Philadelphia, it can be difficult sometimes to find a decent stretch […]

Home Phenology Spot


Event Map with a Tasteful of Haiku

~A Phenology Haiku~ Many leaves fallen River is flowing faster Animals rustle

Bird’s Eye View

This map is drawn based from flying above and looking down into my spot. Since my previous visit I have noticed more leaves on the ground since it is fall, nearing winter. However most of my site is evergreens so their needles remain unchanged. There is also plenty of evidence that wildlife has a habitat […]

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