High Rocks in Doylestown PA

Over winter break I had many opportunities to immerse myself in different natural spots. It was so hard to choose just one place to focus on because every area is equally beautiful and unique. On Monday, I went to this park called High Rocks in a town about twenty minutes away from where I live. A friend and I went hiking and then had a picnic on top of a cliff that overlooked a rushing river. This area was similar to my spot since there were many trees and other small woody plants along trails. There is also some hills and a source of water in both sites. However, at high rocks the mountain was much higher and there were many more rocks and cliffs that were about 70 feet high. The river was also much larger and flowed faster than the creek in Centennial woods. The river in PA was larger and faster that normal due to the recent rain and melted snow that occurred in the area. We got to observe some white water kayakers because of this! Also, regarding the woody plants that I observed, I noticed that these trees were mainly hardwood. There were very few coniferous trees in the woods compared to my area in Burlington. This is because of the warmer weather and generally lower elevation in Pennsylvania. I did not observe any wildlife tracks sadly, due to the melted snow and freshly swampy trails. However, while sitting on the cliff we got quite a treat! A few hawks showed interest in us and our food. It started with 3 or 4 that were fairly far away, but then they called their friends! About 7 or 8 beautiful hawks began swooping extremely close to us and landed on the cliffs right next to our picnic. I am not sure exactly what type of hawk we saw, but I can guess that they were either red shouldered or sharp shinned hawks. Either way they were so majestic to watch and I feel so lucky to be able to observe these creatures in my home towns!!

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