Natural Communities

After spending a good amount of time at Centennial woods, I have been able to develop a wonderful relationship with my spot and the natural communities that lie within. A natural community is a collection of plants and animals across a landscape used to categorize similar environmental conditions. I would definitely classify my spot as a Northern Hardwood forest. The region of this natural community extends over much of Vermont. Also, since these woods are not very high in elevation, it fits the categorization. There are many hardwood trees that extend over the Centennial woods such as, sugar maples, yellow birches, and the american beech. My centralized spot within the woods is near a small creek. When I went in February the running water in the creek was very small due to the ice and snow that covered it. As it gets warmer and all the winter precipitation melts, the creek slowing starts to expand and run faster. Also, surrounding substrate will become soggier as the precipitation trickles down into the soil.

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