Baederwood Park

While at home during break I got to spend some time relaxing and enjoying what I love about where I live. Baederwood park is a quaint area about a mile away from my house. Since I live in very developed suburbs right outside of Philadelphia, it can be difficult sometimes to find a decent stretch of peaceful woods to be able to go to with easy access and close by. There is a small playground at the bottom of the hill after you pull into the parking lot that my dad used to take me to when I was younger. There is a small clearing after the opening with the playground that has a pond that ducks usually enjoy, however there were non at this visit. After the pond, lies a shallow stream with a little bridge over it. After crossing the bridge, there are a few trails that wind around the woods that can be used for running or walking. These trails however lead to either the street, people’s backyards, or my old high school.  Although small, this park is great place to go for a walk or run and be able to escape the hustle of the day for a few quiet moments.

There are many similarities and differences between my phenology site at Cenntenial woods and the site I visited at home, Baederwood park. The main difference that can be noticed is the size and the amount of man made areas between the two. Since baederwood park is located in a more developed area it is much smaller, and more spaced out. There is also a few more man made items throughout the park as well, such as play grounds, trails, and bridges. Cenntenial woods has trails and bridges as well, but theirs are made of wood, where as the bridge in baederwood is made of cement and bricks. The trails in cenntenial woods also tend to follow the path of nature, unlike the trails in baederwood that follow a more forced path based on human needs. These places also differ in the emotional aspect of my life as well. I have a much deeper connection with the park at my home because I have developed a sense of place there throughout my life. From going there as a child with my family, to spending time there after school as a teenager, there is more meaning behind the smaller park. However, hopefully during my four years at UVM I will be able to visit Cenntenial woods just as much and create new meaningful connections with that place during this new chapter in my life.

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