Pre-Law Series: Watch and Learn

Courtroom Scene

The semester is almost over. Keep up the good work, you’re almost there! If you have also been working on applications to law school, then hopefully you are almost finished and ready for a well-deserved break.

As you look forward to some much needed free time, here are some resources for good movies and TV shows related to the law. Sit back and enjoy!

Top Ten Movies
ABA Journal: Top 25 Movies
Best Law Movies of All Time
Best Legal TV Shows
The Five Best Legal TV Shows of All Time

Of course, I don’t recommend relying only on TV and movies to learn about the law. Informational interviewing, or more simply, chatting with people about the work that they do in order to learn more, is a great way to get a first hand sense of the legal profession. Learn more about how to utilize networking and info interviewing in your career exploration. Here are some great questions to get you started on your networking conversations.

You can use these questions and tips whether you are setting up a formal informational interview through our alumni Career Connection, attending a Networking Event over winter break, or just casually chatting with your friend’s parents over dinner.

Good luck with finals!


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