Top Ten Reasons to go to the Job Fair

Networking at Job Fair

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2-5pm at the Davis Center

10. It’s a great opportunity to wear your suit and Dress for Success.

9. It’s so conveniently located at the Davis Center.

8. It’s a great excuse to dust off your resume.

7. You’ve always wondered what exactly a “XYZ” job does anyway. Now’s your chance to ask!

6. Your friends are going.

5. You missed the Internship Hop, and would love to get a good internship.

4. Free cookies.

3. It’s fun to shake hands and collect business cards.

2. You have an awesome elevator speech and can’t wait to use it.

1. Jobs. Need I say more?

See employers and grad schools that are coming to the Job Fair

Don’t have a resume?  Attend a Career Services Resume Jumpstart, Mondays at 4:15pm in L&L E166

Other tips and info:

Good luck! We’ll see you there.


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