The Job Fair is over: What Next?

Thank you for helping make our Fall Job Fair a great success! If you missed it, the Spring Job Fair is Wednesday, March 21th, 2012. Next Steps -Follow up with recruiters! Check out these tips for professional e-mails. -Applying for a position? Polish that resume. -Moving on to the next stage? Prepare yourself for interview […]

Savvy Seniors: Explore Options

Doctor Teacher Lawyer Accountant Firefighter Those are the easy ones. How many careers can you name? As you prepare to enter the world of work, take a moment to explore what’s out there.  Look before you leap. You will find some great resources to get started under “Explore Options” on the Senior Checklist for Career […]

Lessons from Hollywood: Tips for Effective Interviewing

Hollywood has given us plenty of examples of workplace happenings, including glimpses into the job search process.  From hilariously absurd job interviews to heartwarming interviews gone right, we have lots of examples of what to do and what not to do. In Step Brothers (2008), the characters of Brennan and Dale are two unemployed, middle-aged […]

Responding to the Dreaded Interview Question: "What are Your Weaknesses?"

So you are all prepared for your job interview. You know the skills, strengths and experience you have to offer.  You have chosen what to wear: professional and not distracting to the eye.  You have the directions to the company and have planned out how to get there on time with bit to spare.  You […]

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