Six Steps to Get Started on Your Internship Search

When looking for an internship, just as when looking for a job, tracking a wide variety of leads is key! Students have located great internships through unlikely sources. Begin brainstorming now, so you can use your winter break to follow up on some of these possibilities!

Here are six ideas to get you started:

1.      First, clarify your goals for an internship and decide on some likely types of organizations and projects.

2.      Then, check out the resources on the Career Services website, Internships-USA (username: work, password: learn), Idealist .org, Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility, and Catamount Job Link are great places to start. Find these and others on our website!

3.      Not finding what you want on the websites? Many of the best internships are those that students have created themselves.  Once you have a clear sense of the kind of internship you are looking for, you can use your networks.

4.      Begin with family and friends; many great internships begin with these connections. Just as with job search, following up on a variety of leads is key. Talk with family and friends over break.  Ask them to refer you to people they know.

5.      UVM alumni can be an excellent resource as well. Plan now to attend the Alumni Networking Events in Boston or New York to learn more about industries of interest—and follow up on connections you make there.  Additionally, take advantage of the Career Connection, our robust alumni Career Network, to connect with alumni in areas of interest.

6.      Research companies and organizations of interest. Watch the news! Are there companies of interest in the business news?  Check their websites or call the Human Resources department directly and ask whom you might speak with about internships.

Internships offer an ideal way to build your skills and test the waters of a career  —and can even lead to a job!  Now is the time to start your internship search!

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