Showcasing Campus Activities on Your Resume: An Interactive Post!

We get lots of questions about how, and whether, to list campus activities and leadership on resumes. The answer is almost always, “it depends.” We’ve put together this brief online presentation to go through examples of some of the most common types of involvements we see.

The presentation below is called a Prezi; to navigate the presentation, click the forward arrow at the bottom of the presentation. You can zoom in or out on a particular section by clicking on the blue plus or minus buttons that appear on the right side when you bring the cursor to the right side. If you don’t see the presentation, try re-loading the page. We recommend viewing the presentation in full-screen mode; hover over the “More” button on the bottom right, and click “Fullscreen.”

To start the presentation, press the play button; to advance the presentation, keep pressing the arrows (or in fullscreen mode, you can advance by pressing the right arrow key).

If you’d like to see the sample resume included in this presentation in full, it’s available on our website. Here are some other resume resources:

Remember, if you’d like help working on your resume, check out our upcoming events including resume jumpstarts, make an appointment with a counselor or come to our drop-in counseling hours. See you soon!


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