Savvy Seniors: Step UP!

Walking Upstairs

One of the most common complaints from new graduates is, “every job posting says you need experience, but how can I get experience if I can’t get a job?” Here’s a little secret: you can get valuable experience while you’re still a student!

Here at UVM, there are many opportunities to get involved – whether it’s through your classes, an internship, or student organizations. Each of these opportunities is more than just something to do – you’ll gain valuable experience that can help you get a job after graduation.

Take advantage of your time on campus by seeking leadership opportunities. Being a club officer, an SGA senator, or organizing an event all come with responsibilities that build skills for a full-time job. There are leadership opportunities all over campus – step up! Leadership & Civic Engagement Programs in Student Life has great opportunities!

You can also gain valuable skills through volunteer experiences – on campus  or in the community.

Also, you can get academic credit and gain experience at the same time – through taking service-learning classes, pursuing internships, or doing research.

Ready to put all your great experience on your resume? Check out this post from our blog archive, “Showcasing Campus Activities on Your Resume.”


Laura Megivern is Assistant Director of Student Life for Leadership & Civic Engagement Programs.  Laura is a former career counselor and passionate about helping students get involved. She can be reached at

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