Savvy Seniors: Networking Advice from a Recent Grad

Trisha Hlastawa

Trisha Hlastawa, ’12,  graduated with a degree in Community Entrepreneurship and Public Communication. She currently works at Healthy Living in South Burlington as a Customer Service Supervisor and Community Outreach team member.

What role has networking played in your career exploration and job search?

Networking has played a key role. I found out about a job at Healthy Living from a Career Counselor who knew my interests. I got the job and have worked in many different positions at the store since. Previous to this position, I used networking as a way to find jobs as needed.

Networking can be a bit intimidating to some, what’s been your experience?

I have found networking to be intimidating when I don’t know anything about the person I am interacting with. The key thing is to find something to talk about that is familiar to the person and myself and that we can both relate to. Once a conversation is sparked, it can lead in many different directions. Overall, networking has been rewarding to me. As many people say, it is a small world. The more people I meet, I find people who know people I know and vice versa. We are all ultimately connected in some way.

How do you recommend students get started with networking?

I recommend students start networking with people they know. Express interest in meeting new people to your relatives or friends; this can spark their interest in helping you to make more connections. It’s also really important to put yourself out there and get involved in on-campus activities or part-time jobs. Sometimes you just have to take chances and see what happens.  Establishing relationships with people who know what you are interested in and want to see you succeed can make a big difference when you are looking for a job.

For more information on Networking see the Career Services website.

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