Savvy Seniors: Interviewing

The interview is usually the final hurdle to the job. When you get asked in for the interview, take the extra time to shine. This is your moment!

If you are in the beginning phases of the job search, the interview may seem a long way away. However, take a little time right now to learn about interviewing, you never know when that opportunity will come.

Interview Do’s and Don’ts

Each phase of the job search should help prepare you for the next.  A good resume and cover letter will have you thinking about your strengths and experiences and how they are a good fit for the position. If you are networking and doing info interviews you will already have some good information about industry trends and company culture. You can use this information in the interview.

Here are some more tips and resources:

When you shake hands and walk away from the interview, what are you hoping that they’ll remember about you? Think about which of your strengths and achievements you want to be sure to share with your interviewer. Be clear about your motivations and qualifications for the job. Show your enthusiasm, ask about follow up, and remember to send a Thank You.

Good luck!


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