Savvy Seniors: Applying

“8-month-old Micah laughs hysterically while daddy rips up a job rejection letter.”

“What,” you may ask, “is so complicated about Applying for Jobs?”  Well, applying for jobs and internships is more than seeing a job posted on, sending off a resume & cover letter and then waiting for a response. If that’s all you’re doing, you could be in for a long wait.

The primary problem is that that method, by itself, doesn’t often yield the results you are looking for. According to many sources, at least 75% of jobs aren’t even advertised.  How do you find these hidden jobs? Check out Techniques for Tapping Into the Hidden Job Market on JobHuntersBible, a great resource for your job search.  This process is mostly about building relationships with people in your field of interest. Think: volunteering, networking, informational interviewing, and more! (Please see earlier Savvy Senior posts for tips on networking and informational interviewing.)

Another challenging issue, is that when you apply for jobs, you open yourself up to rejection.  It’s not unusual to get discouraged when those first few resumes you send out don’t yield any phone calls asking you to come in for an interview.  Once you get discouraged, it can be hard to keep putting yourself out there, to keep networking and applying for jobs with enthusiasm.

When disappointment strikes, it’s important to figure out how to maintain your positive energy and continue with your search. Check out this article for some ideas:  Top 10 Ways to Deal with Job Rejection.  Then, examine how you are going about the job search. Get a fresh perspective, reenergize, and try something new.  Also, make sure you aren’t making these 20 Avoidable Job Search Mistakes.

Remember, when you are looking for that first job out of college, it just takes one “Yes.”

See the Senior Checklist for more tips and resources under the Apply section.

Good luck!


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