Possibilities and Progress: Make the most of this year

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It’s fall, when we begin fresh with new students, new ideas and fresh energy.  The coming year often seems full of potential, and graduation, whether you are in your first year or your last, seems a long way off.  But time flies.  Here are some tips on making the most of the coming year.

1.  Explore and engage. What excites you?  Take classes, join organizations, volunteer, lead, read, create, express, perform.  Pursue your interests and look for what makes you passionate.  You are likely to have more fun while building skills and the evidence of commitment that will help you succeed in your career and in life.

2.  Your future job search starts now. All the relationships you build, projects you complete, organizations you join or lead, things you write, and jobs you undertake have the potential to help or hurt your professional life.  Be the student everyone likes to work with.  Get to know others and treat them well.  They may be your future employer, reference or coworker.  Do the best you can now and you will be glad later.

3.  Get to know your faculty, even if you are in large classes.  Ask them questions about their lectures, their research, their expectations, your performance, whatever. They can help you make the most of your education.  And regardless of your grades, you will need strong references to apply for work or graduate school.

4.  Use campus resources. There are countless people whose mission is helping college students learn, build relationships, grow and make successful transitions.  Use them and related web-based resources.  Remember, we in Career Services want to help you “Imagine, Explore and Prepare” for a lifetime of career challenges and rewards.  We can help you find that part-time job or internship, consider career options, build your paper and online profiles, land your dream job or connect with graduate schools.  Visit www.uvm.edu/career or Living/Learning E140 for more information.

We look forward to meeting you!


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