Linking In to LinkedIn

I was a senior in my final semester of college when an internship supervisor called me into her office and said, “you HAVE to get on Linked In. I’d like you to make a profile tomorrow when you come in to work, ok?”

“Sure, Ok. What is LinkedIn?”

“Oh, it’s like Facebook for professionals.”

And that was my introduction to Linked In. Why it was important to be a part of a professional online community when I was still in college seemed a bit hazy to me, but as I started to build my profile, upload my resume, and make connections to people I knew from volunteering, from internships, from part time jobs and from school…I started to get it. See, Linked In is a different forum than Facebook. Facebook is all about “social networking.” Linked In is about professional networking.

So…what exactly is networking? What, you mean you haven’t seen our amazing page on networking?! Take a gander…

Don’t forget about our wonderful Alumni Networking Events over winter break:

In NYC on January 5, 2011

In Boston on January 11, 2011

Networking is about building relationships; meeting people from your field, related fields…even completely unrelated fields. The idea is that by asking questions and listening, we can start to learn more about what others do in their work and think a bit about how this might impact us. On the flipside, we might also be thinking about how the people we meet might impact our network of contacts. Networking is a two-way street. LinkedIn is a tool to help you reach out to people, and help people reach out to you.

Check out Linkedin today!

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