INTERNSHIPS: The Experience You Need to Get the Job You Want

You’ve heard it before: “If you want to get a good job, get some experience.” Easier said than done. So, how do you get this experience? An internship is one great way.

How can you locate an internship? How can you learn more about your options? What can you hope to learn in an internship? Where have other students done internships?

Career Services has great resources for locating internships. Check out our website,, and explore Catamount Job Link, Internships-USA, Idealist and the VBSR internships list for possibilities.

UVM students have worked in Sea World in Hawaii, on NBC Nightly News in New York, at Vermont Refugee Resettlement, at National Geographic in Washington, D.C., at the Public Assets Institute in Montpelier, and at Mamelani, in Capetown, South Africa– to name just a few.

Here’s what a few UVM students have to say about their internships:

I gained a wealth of knowledge from my internship. I learned the true extent of Microsoft Excel’s power, how to perform fiscal analysis, and more importantly, how to explain such analysis in a way that the general public will understand. Beyond this, I learned how the Vermont state government is run, the process of budgeting with public taxpayers’ dollars, and how to set up an economic argument. internship is a great transition into the work-force that exists outside of college… a great way to meet new people who will change the way you view the world and who will help you come to understand the person you want to be.

Tom Payeur, Public Assets Institute, Montpelier, VT
Economics and Mathematics Double Major,’10

I am very interested in working with at-risk children and got amazing experience at Head Start. As Sociology major in the college of Arts and Sciences, without this internship experience I never would have had the opportunity to spend a significant amount of time in a preschool. I learned so much about young children and how they learn, and this allowed me to realize my genuine desire to become an early childhood educator. I would absolutely recommend that everyone do an internship. College courses are certainly worthwhile and interesting, but gaining real life experience in a field that interests you in equally as important. The Service Learning Internship class is a great opportunity for someone like me, an Arts and Sciences student interested teaching, to gain experience from the academic experience of the internship class.

Melissa Chiozzi, Head Start, H.O Wheeler School
Sociology Major,’11

I learned how a professional newspaper runs, what writers’ meetings are like, and generally what the world of journalism can be. I also was able to add to my writing portfolio. If you are interested in journalism (especially in regard to alternative news sources) I would definitely recommend trying to get an internship with Seven Days. The people are great and you can learn a lot about the journalism world as well as Vermont culture.

Lea McLellan, Seven Days
English major, ‘11

The Nonoza Education Project supports social workers and counselors to work in schools where children who juggle school with hard lives at home need counseling.  I was involved in developing the internship program for Project Lungisela and updating the wellness program. The Mamelani team is a warm and supportive group of people and I feel incredibly fortunate to have been able to spend time with them. The organization has a wonderful approach of supporting people by teaching and guiding them on practical health and life issues like job hunting and prevention and treatment of HIV and diabetes, while supporting people emotionally.

Sasha Fisher ‘10, Mamelani, Capetown, South Africa

Curious? Want to learn more? Call 805-656-3450 to schedule a time to stop by Career Services and discuss your ideas for gaining experience. We can help you explore the wide variety of the options listed and help you with questions about credit as well. Thinking outside the box? We can also help you create your own internship.

Want a job? Get some experience! Want some experience? Get an internship!

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