Create Your Own Internship

Still looking for that perfect summer internship but not really finding the “ right” internship in those guides and on-line postings? Maybe it’s time to look at this a little differently! You don’t need to find and internship that already exists— you can create one! As you may know, as many as 80% of all jobs are found through networking. That same approach can be helpful with the internship search—and it’s a great skill to develop.

So, how would this work in locating an internship?  Let’s say you are interested in an internship in marketing and public relations, but haven’t landed anything with the big New York firms. How might you connect with the PR world?

First. think about Burlington. We have some wonderful marketing and PR firms right here.  Even if they haven’t listed an internship this semester, they might be willing to consider someone to work on a particular project, if approached.  Every business has projects that they never have time to get to—you could help solve this problem.  Your process?  Use Catamount Job Link to identify some possible firms of interest and then talk with a career counselor, your faculty, and friends about how you might make a connection with them to see if they would consider an intern.  Dress rehearse how you will make a case for yourself as an intern.

Not planning to be in Burlington? Think about other networks that could help you with this same entrepreneurial process. You are really trying to “ sell” someone on the benefits of having an intern for the summer.  UVM’s alumni Career Connection can be a great resource for this networking –both in Vermont and all across the country. Career Counselors and faculty can provide additional resources.  Don’t neglect family, friends and even families of friends. Start building that network—it will serve you well in the search later.

Finally, be imaginative. Where else does PR and marketing happen? Who markets those summer events in the park? Who is doing the PR for that political candidate/ you are looking to gain experience and build skills. Think outside the box and you may think yourself into the best internship ever!

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