Top Ten Reasons to go to the Job Fair

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2-5pm at the Davis Center 10. It’s a great opportunity to wear your suit and Dress for Success. 9. It’s so conveniently located at the Davis Center. 8. It’s a great excuse to dust off your resume. 7. You’ve always wondered what exactly a “XYZ” job does anyway. Now’s your chance to […]

3 Reasons Why Internships are Important for Today’s College Student

In today’s job market, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree can be the first step to a successful career. However, many employers look for students who have held internships or co-ops during their collegiate experience because employers understand the value they bring. Below are 3 reasons why internships are so important for today’s college student. Internships can […]

Internship of the Month: Simon and Schuster

Intern: Beryl Frishtick Class Year: 2013 Major: English Internship Title: Editorial Intern (at the Atria and Emily Bestler Books imprints) Company: Simon & Schuster Website: Briefly tell us about the organization you were with:  Simon & Schuster is a world-renowned publishing company with offices in NYC, London, Australia, and India.  I worked in the […]

Internship of the Month: Vermont Public Radio

Intern: Cody Searles, ’11 Major: English Internship Title: Classical Music Intern Company: Vermont Public Radio Website: Current Postion: A&R Coordinator, Putamayo World Music Briefly tell us about the organization you were with: Vermont Public Radio is Vermont’s source for independent non-biased news, information, music and cultural exploration. Specifically, VPR Classical presents classical music with […]

Greetings from the Director of UVM Career Services!

Welcome! Both Burlington and UVM’s campus are buzzing with activity—sure signs the new academic year has arrived.  We in Career Services have had a busy summer, launching web site innovations, making plans to improve our alumni network, and building relationships with employers.  Best of all, we will soon unveil our new exterior entrance, visually reinforcing […]

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