Showcasing Campus Activities on Your Resume: An Interactive Post!

We get lots of questions about how, and whether, to list campus activities and leadership on resumes. The answer is almost always, “it depends.” We’ve put together this brief online presentation to go through examples of some of the most common types of involvements we see. The presentation below is called a Prezi; to navigate […]

Top 10 Tips on How to Ace an Online Interview Using Skype

Recently our Career Services team hosted our first interviews using Skype for DraftFCB Chicago.  The interviews were a great success and allowed employers to meet students and alumni, just like you. With an ever-increasing cost in travel time and expenses associated with in person interviews many employers have embraced interview methods, like Skype, that are […]

Create a Professional Resume with Resume Builder

Did you know that Catamount Job Link has a great feature that helps you create your resume? All you need to do is log into your Catamount Job Link account and follow the steps below: Click on the “Documents” tab at the top of your homepage. Click on the “Resume Builder” tab At the bottom […]

Starting Off Your Semester with Helpful Career Services Resources & Meet Our New Staff

Spring semester is here and arriving with it, right on schedule, is career stress.  Every day students come in worried about everything from majors, internships, resumes, career goals, and advanced studies to their purpose in life. How do students reduce this stress?   By taking action, one small step at a time.  Start that resume, […]

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