Doing Good Doing Well: Sustainability

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End of semester time = papers, projects, exams, plans. The to-do list seems endless but how we attend to each task is key. What can you do so you can do well in all you are juggling? Don’t wait until you get out in the “real” world to learn some strategies in self sustainability! Continue reading

Senior Series: Networking, A Great Foundation for the Interview

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One important part of networking is how you present yourself to others. It’s important to be able to talk about yourself, your experiences and skills, and your interests and goals. Networking gives you the opportunity to practice your self-presentation and hone your story, and will give you the skills to interview with confidence.

Worried? Don’t think you have any experience? Relax. You can’t get this far and not have experience.  You need to shift your thinking.  Did you work on a group project? Did you start up some type of venture? Were you on a team for some sport or activity that shaped your thinking or work ethic?  How did you transition into the new college environment Maybe you dealt with a tough life event. Everyone has at some point. Continue reading

A “MAJOR” Decision

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You may want someone to give you the magical answer. There is no perfect formula that fits everyone. “What should I major in?” is a personal question that may take some time to figure out.

Six Steps:

  1. Self Reflection: What is my goal? Is it to make money, follow a passion, do something I am good at, get a degree?
  2. Examine Abilities: What am I good at? What do I love to do (in school and outside school)?
  3. Values: What is important to me?
  4. Explore Future Options: What are other people doing who majored in this field?
  5. Reality Check: How long do I want to be in school? Do I need an advance degree? Identify obstacles.
  6. Narrow your Choices: What is available at UVM?

Continue reading