Discover Your Transferable Skills

When working with students and talking about how they will market themselves to an employer, an important step I ask students to take is to remember to reflect on what their transferable skills are. Many times, however, I get the question of what a transferable skill is. In simple terms, transferable skills are applicable skills […]

Slow and Steady Gets the Job: Stamina and Motivation in a Job Search

A job search is similar to any long-term goal you might work towards in life.  It could be a big race, a lengthy-paper, major project…any of these require at least two qualities- stamina and motivation. When you set your mind to participating in a 5K, marathon, triathlon or similar race it is generally advisable that […]

How to Spend the Summer Effectively

It is about that time of year again. Classes are coming to a close, finals are starting up and the summer months are about to begin. You may ask, “How can I make the most of my summer vacation?” There are many ways to effectively spend your summer.  You may have heard people chat about […]

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