Job Fair Follow-Up: Insights from an Employer

Organization: Enterprise Holdings Representative: Randi Blender, Talent Acquisition Manager The Job Fair is over! What do you suggest that students do to follow up? When I meet someone at the Job Fair, it’s always nice to receive a thank you and see his/her online application. If a student secures an interview from the Job Fair, […]

Summer Internships—Is It Too Late?

It’s almost April—and perhaps long about now you are wishing you followed through with that summer internship search you had planned to do in October. Is there any hope of landing a good internship at this late date? The answer is yes—if you are willing to expand your ideas of internship options and put some […]

He Got His Job Through the Job Fair; So Can You!

Guest Blogger: Owen Manahan, ‘10 Job Title: Management Trainee Employer: Consolidated Electrical Distributors (CED) 1. You got your current job after attending a UVM Job Fair.  What do you do and what do you like about it? I was hired by Consolidated Electrical Distributors after meeting them at the UVM Spring Job Fair.  CED is […]

Savvy Seniors: Applying

“8-month-old Micah laughs hysterically while daddy rips up a job rejection letter.” “What,” you may ask, “is so complicated about Applying for Jobs?”  Well, applying for jobs and internships is more than seeing a job posted on, sending off a resume & cover letter and then waiting for a response. If that’s all you’re […]

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